The scene of a social death

The scene of a social death社死现场


Actually,the scene of social death is a popular network language.Originally used to describe deaths known to relatives and neighbors, now describe those who make themselves in public, so humiliated that they can no longer survive in society.The exaggeration to find a crack on the ground, or even to go out and see people, is an extreme shame.Another implication is a pronoun of individual suffering from network violence, blocked social communication and rolling social reputation.


The origin of “social death” is a previous news, A senior student from Tsinghua University misunderstood junior “sexual harassment”, senior posted on Moments, will publish the real information of his junior, also said “I let you first social death in Moments”, so social death is widely used in the society and the Internet.

The term first appeared in Thomas Lynch’s book “The Hand of the Undertaker”, with a more detailed account with several more detailed descriptions of death in the original.Death has several different meanings, among which instruments tested using a stethoscope and a brain ometer are called “body death”.Based on the nerve end and molecular activities, it is called “metabolic death”.The last kind of death, which is known to relatives, friends, neighbors and so on, is the so-called “social death”.There is also a saying that when no one in the world who remembers you exists, you are also dead in the real sense.

Some embarrassing events in daily life are inevitable, and people just laugh it off, but the driver behind some more serious “social death” events is naked online violence.

In cyberspace, what we need is a sunny “digital survival”, and no one wants to witness more cold, biting “social death”.Having a simple sense of justice should not be harsh, but it is extremely undesirable to cross the boundary of the public law and take advantage of the convenience of public opinion dissemination.If no regulation, it will harm every one of us, cyberspace is not a place outside the law.Any words and deeds, once they exceed the reasonable boundary of freedom of speech, must bear the corresponding consequences and pay the legal price


1、Today encountered a big social death scene, pants broke all day but no reminder, too embarrassing.

2、I fell asleep in class today, and my drooling embarrassment was photographed by my friend and posted to the class group. I felt very ashamed and continued to mix in college.

3、Dousen, who attended the show, was forced to appreciate his fan, a social death!


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