Ultramarine “Qunqing”(群青)

English: Ultramarine “Qunqing”



“Qunqing” was originally a song sung by the Japanese group Yoasobi. There is a “ah” in the song, which leads to a chorus. Therefore, it is used in the ghost animal video. It is common in ordinary video ♪ ah ♪ when the protagonist utters a long “ah” sound, it connects the “ah” of qunqing and the chorus, and p the scene into qunqing’s similar color.

Many videos link the protagonists with “qunqing, but”, as shown in the figure below.

This song is based on Yamaguchi’s flying work blue period, which won the “2020 cartoon Award” in 2020, and is also used as the Bourbon Alfort chocolate advertising theme song. “Everyone has doubts and worries in the face of emotional commitment”, yoasobi hopes to give this happy new song to those who still decide to keep going.

Spread & Examples

“Ultramarines” original song:

Ultramarines was composed by Ayase and sung by ikura, while the chorus was sung by the creative group PLUSONICA Harmony. Ultramarine is based on the experience of yaguchi Yago Yahu pursuing his dream in The Blue Period, a manga series serialized by Flying Yamaguchi in 2017.

The lyrics tell the story of the experience and inner struggle of yaguchi Yaguchi, the male protagonist of “Blue Period”. Although Yaguchi had excellent grades and a bright future, he resolutely decided to enroll in art school to study painting. Although the process is difficult and even self-doubting, the male protagonist still insists on doing what he likes and chasing his dreams.

Ultramarine is a song-related meme. “Ultramarine” is a song sung by the Japanese group band YOASOBI, because the prelude to this song is an “ah” sound with a person’s mouth open, and this “ah” sound is used to connect a picture or a video to achieve a funny effect, etc. This is the ultramarine meme.


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