Wang Sicong and Sun Yining, “I am the master of my fate.”

I am the master of my fate. The original meaning is my destiny to grasp myself, don’t let god to decide, how to describe people not succumb to fate lower the head, have the spirit of revolt against fate, the initiative control of life in their own hands, emphasis on individual life, try to grasp the change their own destiny, can decided by yourself, not from heaven and earth.


This sentence comes from the chat records of Sun Yining and Wang Sicong on June 15 , 2021, which is a homophonic sentence to describe people who are very greasy.

This stems from the chat records of Wang Sicong and Sun Yining. Sun Yining recently exposed his chat records with Wang Sicong on weibo, in which Wang Sicong spoke very greasy, and Sun Yining could not stand that, so he said ” I am the master of my fate.”

Sun Yining quotes against people

You tube I

You are a dog

You don’t find fault

Be careful when it thunder

I’ll take your body

Don’t be under my head

Meet all changes with constancy

There’s no food for you at that table

I really am your father

I don’t like my life

Can you watch as many as you like

Why don’t you go to hell, evil capitalism

If you need people to love dearly, then we can go to extinction, 150 jin also need to love dearly

38 years old and naive like cerebral palsy

I can’t sleep well. I see you’re eating like a fish

I’m happy enough now, and then I’d lose my head

Oh oh

It’s painful to suppress the peace you get

Wang Sicong and Sun Yining events are still ferment, do not know the follow-up they will not release fierce material, who has not obtained happiness from Wang Sicong today

come to feel together~


An expression to describe someone who is greasy.

From the chat record of Wang Sicong and Ning Jie Sun Yining, wang Sicong said to Ning Jie that he had no taste when he was pursuing Sun Yining, and said: You have a taste when you come to eat.

Sun Yining is not interested in him, reply him: hello oil, my life oil I don’t oil day. Make fun of Wang Sicong’s speech is too greasy. This line is adapted from the film Ne Zha, and The original line of Ne Zha is: “My destiny is determined by me, not by god.”


梗is from Chinese version)

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