Wang Xinling boy 王心凌男孩

English: Wang Xinling boy


Pinyin: Wángxīnlíng nánhái

Due to the broadcast of Riding the Wind and Waves, there has been a new wave of old memories. Among them, Wang Xinling is the most popular. Wang Xinling’s old songs have returned thus more and more Wang Xinling’s boys are blown up at once. This meme quickly spread all over the Internet.


From the program “Riding the Wind and Waves”, Wang Xinling’s classic stage performance “Love You”, from the current 24-hour online stage popularity list, Wang Xinling’s popularity index of 46.34 far exceeded the second-placed Zheng Xiuyan’s score of 30.01. Cliff-style leading, and dominate the screen hot search.

The classic masterpiece “Love You” performed by Wang Xinling on stage has brought a wave of memories to many netizens. After the broadcast, many middle-aged male fans have been blown up, awakening many fans who have married and established their own business to their youth. Unlimited memories.


Recently, “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 3” (hereinafter referred to as “Sister Lang 3”) was broadcast, and Wang Xinling’s male fans became “new top-notch”.



And many other topics occupy the first place in the hot search.

Wang Xinling became popular again with “Love You”.

On May 20, “Sister Lang 3” was broadcast. The 39-year-old Wang Xinling wore a high ponytail on the first stage this year, dressed in a college style, sweet and cute, full of girlishness, and led the audience with the song “Love You”.

It is said that as soon as the prelude came out, the post-80s and 90s otakus called Ye Qinghui back.

In addition, on the short video platform, many netizens showed videos of male fans singing and dancing with Wang Xinling, and they all said, “We are still there, but we are old.” On the Internet, middle-aged male fans are called “Wang Xinling Boys”.

Wang Xinling’s popularity soared. Not only did it create seven Weibo hot searches after the show was broadcast, but it also entered the Douyin Entertainment Hot List. As of 18:00 on May 23, the topic on Douyin about “You one vote I one vote Wang Xinling 80 still sings and dances” has risen to 7.577 million.

This love has also propped up the stock price of listed companies.

Also popular with Wang Xinling is the “Wang Xinling Concept Stock” – Mango Supermedia. This morning, the stock price of Mango Supermedia once rose by nearly 10% (the current increase is still around 8%). Previously, this media “big white horse” has fallen by more than 30% this year.

Today, the stock price of Mango Supermedia has risen sharply, with an increase of nearly 10%.

As of the close at 15:00 pm, the real-time share price of Mango Supermedia was 37.44 yuan.

On May 23, the reporter contacted several Wang Xinling fans through the Internet. Mr. Wang from Chongqing is a “post-80s”. In the video, Mr. Wang, who was eating, stared at Wang Xinling on the TV, and couldn’t help but sing “so baby, talk a little more, if you want me to take a look…” Even his eyes were wet for a while, and then he wiped it. He covered his face shyly. He repeatedly emphasized, “I’m very happy, this is the idol I chased after, watching TV seems to be back to the age at that time.”

Mr. Li from Jilin said, “I specially made a membership for this program. When Wang Xinling’s song came out, it brought back memories of my youth.” Mr. Li from Beijing told reporters, “My wife called me out to watch TV. But I don’t usually watch it, so I went to the TV reluctantly, and I was very excited and happy when I saw Wang Xinling singing.” Mr. Li said that there are still many Wang Xinling albums in his family. He said, “I bought it when I was a child. I have had many albums of hers, although I haven’t listened to these songs for a long time, I will sing them as long as I listen to the prelude.”

And Ms. Chen (pseudonym) from Hangzhou, Zhejiang revealed that when she was watching this variety show, her husband kept walking around, playing with cats, and playing with mobile phones. He was not interested at all, but when Wang Xinling came out, he immediately returned. soul. Ms. Chen said with a smile, “He hit a carp and sat up straight and stared at Wang Xinling with a smile on his face.”

According to data, the single video of Wang Xinling’s stage “Love You” has been viewed 7.3 million times, and the popularity index of the entire network is as high as 46.34, ranking first in terms of playback volume and popularity.



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