What happened? 发生什么事了

This stalk comes from the Mandarin version of Kamen Rider. In the latest season, when the heroine transforms, there will be a sound effect. The content of the sound effect is “What’s coming up”, and because the domestic requirements for the introduction of film and television works are all in Chinese Translate it, and it translates into “what happened”.


After the protagonist transforms, the sound effect keeps repeating “what happened, what happened, what happened” is unusually magical.

In general, this stalk is caused by the introduction of translation problems of film and television works, and the too magical sound effects have successfully brainwashed a large number of netizens.

In the plot, the dubbing of the transformation of Kamen Rider Joan of Arc is embarrassing, we can use our toes to buckle out of the three rooms and one hall, let’s say that some sound effects do not need to be translated and dubbed;


Spread & Examples:

It may also bring you some magical understanding. After listening to the Mandarin dubbing, there are hundreds of millions of brainwashing on the body. It can only be said that it is pure spiritual pollution;

The video after the transformation in the original version has a special sound effect, but the Mandarin has to be translated into Chinese, and then there is a series of: what happened!

This scene is derived from the Kamen Rider Revice drama, as the heroine who transformed into Kamen Rider Joan of Arc, the specific transformation picture, and this part of the fire is a mandarin dubbing that is too magical, plus top-level brainwashing sound effects As a result, even people outside the circle who don’t know and haven’t seen the Kamen Rider series think it’s really interesting.

Because it was so touching and interesting, both insiders and outsiders, they all laughed madly after watching this episode. At the time, they thought it was a spoof dubbing, but later found out that it was a very serious Mandarin dubbing, and was silent at that time. After that, it has directly reached the top of the hot search list on various super popular platforms, which is an unprecedented operation.

And the reason why this stalk is popular is also very simple, because it is so fun and interesting. The first time I heard it, I felt that this thing had a big icicle smell. The second time I heard it, it felt that there was a built-in Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji master. Eat me with one move, lightning, five beats with electric sound, and listen to it for the third time. It’s not a big deal. Why do you feel a little overwhelmed?

Fourth side – what happened? What happened? OK, you can carry it away.

As a related fan of Kamen Rider, the heart is actually very complicated, this is good news and bad news,

Good news: Kamen Rider is out

Bad news: it’s the national distribution that’s out of the circle

After all, it is a good thing that the IP of Kamen Rider is popular, but it is popular in such a way that it is criticized. Of course, the most worrying thing is the proliferation and emergence of various brainless memes. This meme is now among some knight fans. It has become a shitpost.


梗 can refer to https://b23.tv/Z5fswOJ(Video from Bilibili)

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