YaoShui Ge is a gamer, who is famous for his live streams, with a distinct personal style, he is very popular on the Internet.


Brother Yaoshui, formerly named Liu Bo, male, was born in Beijing on October 24, 1994
On July 28, 2020, Yaoshui brother announced that he would participate in ” China New Rap 2020 “. But then Brother Yaoshui posted on Weibo that he gave up the chance of resurrection and left it to those who need it more.


He his audience in the live stream of the game LOL, he always picks a card character and go out with five bottles of liquid medicine (usually, the card`s outfit is a Doran ring or a pair of shoes with liquid medicine) , some fans called him (药水哥)  Potions Brother.
What’s special about him compared to other game hosts is that he’s revealed throughout the live feed, as well as making strange gestures and expressions to amuse the audience




  1. https://www.wangyetuku.com/gaoxiaotupian/biaoqingtupian/yaoshuige/

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