Nihao saoa

You Are So Coquettish 你好骚啊

English: You are so Coquettish


Pinyin: Nǐ hǎo sāo a

The line “You are so coquettish” is from the TV series “The Temptation of Going Home/回家的诱惑.” This sentence is what the actor Hong Shixian said to Xiaosan Ai Li.


The background of this sentence is that the best friend, Ai Li, of the heroine, Lin Pinru, seduced Pinru’s husband Hong Shixian. Hong Shixian is an unfaithful man so the two of them got together.

Upon first viewing, many viewers were angry with the unfaithful style of Hong Shixian and Ai Li.  Since then, this TV series has attracted everyone’s attention again. Producing many memes in the form of screencaptures with captions.

The drama  is adapted from the Korean drama “The Temptation of Wife”, starring Choo Ja Hyun, Li Chaihua, Ling Xiaosu, Chi Shuai, etc. It is divided into two parts, “The Temptation to Go Home” and “The Desire to Go Home”. This TV series had its highest ratings of 5.2% after its premiere on Hunan Satellite TV on February 21, 2011, and its ratings share reached 26.7%. It defeated the ratings record of the Korean drama “Dae Jang Geum”.


Lin Pinru was not at home this day, and Ai Li planned to have an affair with Hong Shixian. After coming out of the shower, Hong Shixian found Ai Li wearing Pinru’s clothes and sitting in front of the dressing table using Pinru’s cosmetics.

Hong Shixian then said the classic line after seeing this scene: “How do you wear clothes like this?” Then Ai Li turned her head and slowly got up, walked to Hong Shixian and said: “Since you want to pursue excitement, then Follow through to the end”, and then Hong Shixian said the line “You are so coquettish”.

In an interview the actor who plays Hong Shixian, Ling Xiaosu,  revealed that Hong Shixian’s famous sentence  is actually an improvisation, not in the script. He says,
“she speaks Cantonese, that’s the kind of words that seduce Hong Shixian in his own mother tongue. It’s really charming, and then I didn’t understand it, so I just froze there,’You are so coquettish.” [3]



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