There is a phrase that has become popular recently, a phrase people don’t use easily in daily life, is ”YOU BRING IT TO ME!”. Because the short video blogger Liuzi (@刘子), it’s widely used. His unique narrative style in short videos, coupled with interesting stories and friendly dialects, makes many netizens like to listen to him telling stories. And whenever there is a plot in his story that he is unwilling to be asked for something, or that he can get something from others, there will be a voice-over of his very recognizable mantra “YOU BRING IT TO ME!”. These all interesting things add to his stories, make his videos very popular. But it’s worth noting that to speak this humorous phrase well, the tone and intonation must be grasped well. If you speak too calmly, you will be very rude, so you have to master the essence in order to be polite and funny.


(The upper left corner of the picture is the Douyin id of Liuzi; This is a screenshot of his story video. At the top is his most iconic pattern: a long-eared emoji pack rabbit, with subtitles in the middle, and emoji packs released in line with the plot at the bottom.)



Because Liuzi uses this phrase “YOU BRING IT TO ME!” frequently and flexibly, more and more people feel that this phrase has become very suitable for setting off the atmosphere of the story, making the story more humorous, and it makes people feel close to the language of life, is a very useful phrase for surfing the Internet. So more people use “YOU BRING IT TO ME!” to express emotions, like envy, desire, praise. As more and more people use “YOU BRING IT TO ME!”, there is also a sigh that someone finally got something that wanted for a long time. It can be seen that there are more and more scenarios where “YOU BRING IT TO ME!” can be used. The phrase appears on more platforms, the atmosphere of use has become thicker, and the number of times it has been used has increased. This phenomenon is jokingly called by netizens that this is the All-takenism of the new generation.


“YOU BRING IT TO ME!” allows many young people to have a more enjoyable way of expression, makes the speaker feel very happy. This is a “rude” thing that people usually dare not say in public, but now it has become a joke that everyone can use, and it is even more exciting than before. Here is a little tip for you, don’t overuse, but also be careful.



  1. Saw a blogger sharing his puppy: YOU BRING IT TO ME!
  2. Saw a blogger sharing his girlfriend: YOU BRING IT TO ME!
  3. When you don’t have toilet paper in the toilet, your friend bring it to you: YOU BRING IT TO ME!
  4. When you are hungry, your friend ordered a takeaway: YOU BRING IT TO ME!


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Contributed by Jennie Teng


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