You teach me to do things?

“You teach me to do things,” is a phrase from the movie “Play Back To School 2”. It is the line of the character Cao Dahua, which means I hate others for pointing you at you and you don’t need you to teach me. [1]


In “Play Back To School 2”, Wu Mengda’s role is called Cao Dahua and the female police officer played by Ye Dexian in the film is called Yu Suqiu. The biggest feature of Cao Dahua’s character is that he is timid and afraid of death.[1]Cao Dahua and Zhou Xingxing disrupted an arrest operation by the Political Department, resulting in an undercover sacrifice. Zhou Xingxing was forced to misfortune, but Cao Dahua was guaranteed by Suqiu, “Our serious crime team did not receive any notice from the Political Department.”[1]

Zhou Xingxing pointed out that the undercover mission was very dangerous, and his application for participation was rejected, but Cao Dahua won it in one sentence.”This single case is very dangerous.” Cao Dahua glanced at Yu Suqiu and said firmly, “But I have never been afraid of danger.”When Cao Dahua was repeatedly scolded by Zhou Xingxing and colleagues from the Department, Yu Suqiu comforted him intimately.

Yu Suqiu: This is an accessory gold card for you, let’s have fun!

Cao Dahua: You teach me to do things?

Yu Suqiu: Not really.

Cao Dahua: You are not allowed to speak ill of my friend in front of me in the future! [1]




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