You were cheated 你被骗了


Bilibili new stem.

It’s a prank. When you click a link or a video, you think you’ll see the content described in the link / video, such as the information about the sprint of the college entrance examination. When you click in, a man is swinging with the music, and then you’re cheated.

The music in the video that lied to you was never gonna give you up, the man dancing was Richard Eisley, and the video was Richard’s music video.

The stem is also called rickrolling, that is, Rick rocking. Rick is Richard’s nickname. Because this title and cover often appear in station B recently, it is very attractive, but it is rickoll’s video that you click in. The stem is hot again.

Spread & Examples

The tricks of online bill swiping fraud have been common, but some people still can’t stand the temptation to be cheated. Recently, Wu Haoran, a policeman of Yipeng police station in Qiantang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, met such a woman in the police.

Because his wife was cheated in online bill swiping, Mr. Wang called the police after his persuasion failed. However, when Wu Haoran arrived, he found that Mr. Wang’s wife, Ms. sun, sat on the bed and had been operating the mobile phone. She planned to transfer another 8000 yuan to the swindler in order to take out the 10000 yuan previously transferred.

No matter how Wu Haoran persuades, Ms. sun still believes in the tricks of swindlers. Wu Haoran was “in a hurry”: “I’m the police of Qiantang district public security branch. I remind you again that you have been swindled. Please don’t transfer money to the other party!”

Ms. sun not only didn’t listen to persuasion, but shouted impatiently at the police: “that’s my own business, don’t you care!”

When Wu Haoran continued to persuade, Ms. sun covered her ears and shook her head: “I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen!”

“It’s my duty to warn you. Now you’re obviously swindled by swiping the bill. Please don’t transfer any more money! How much money you transfer is meat steamed stuffed bun beating the dog. There’s no return!” Wu Haoran warned.

“If I don’t transfer the money, how can I mention the previous 10000 yuan?” Ms. sun roared again.

“You can’t mention it. 10000 yuan has been cheated. We’ll find a way to get the money back for you. I’m distressed that you’re cheated for another dollar. It’s not easy to make money. Why give it to a liar?” Officer Wu said earnestly.

After more than half an hour of patient persuasion, Ms. sun finally agreed not to transfer money. Wu Haoran was finally relieved.



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