Your background is too fake

Your background is too fake


Pinyin:nǐ zhè bèi jǐng tài jiǎ le

This meme comes from an anchor named Xinjiang Alimu (新疆阿力木), and is often broadcast live in Xinjiang (新疆).


“Your background is too fake.” This stems from an anchor named “Territory Alimu” (疆域阿力木). He often broadcasts live outdoors, but his background images look artificial, so many people question that the background is too fake. So the anchor started to go into the water, threw a bucket, and experimented in person to prove that the background was true.


The scenery of Xinjiang is very charming, which is incompatible with the rough appearance of the anchor.Then some viewers felt that the background was fake, and said, “The anchor, your background is too fake.”.So he himself sent a clarification video, throwing the bucket into the water and running in the pond behind.Very funny, this part of the content was picked out by many netizen and made it into various videos.



Graph of Baidu Keyword Search


According to Heilongjiang (黑龙江) Traffic Radio, “Your background is too fake!” Recently, a group of people in Yuli, Xinjiang (尉犁,新疆), were questioned by netizen that the background was too fake when they were broadcasting live. The proof video released by them was “Crazy Second Innovation” by netizen. All kinds of creative production made people laugh, and related topics were also hot.

In the face of everyone’s collective crackdown on counterfeiting, the boy did not panic at all. He not only picked up the stones on the ground to play “water rafting”, but also went down to the river to wash his head and brush his teeth. “Testing the water with his own body” proved the authenticity of the river in the background of the live broadcast.

After the video became popular, some netizen questioned whether it was true?

And some netizen ask:if you can pick up a leaf over there,I can believe in you.

In order to prove that it was not a fake background, the boy lost his bucket, his shoes, and his horse and his partner.

Man waving to another man on a horse

A Xinjiang friend of him is ready to prove it that is not fake

Come here and say hi to netizen

However, this video has a sudden change in the overall painting style of the whole network, and netizen have made it live one after another, achieving dreamlike linkage with various scenes, creating more laughs……”This background is too fake” collection. Participating in animation. The interaction scene is not inconsistent.


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