Papi Jiang is a short video creator, with the original video content released in the form of voice change, it gets a certain degree of attention on the Internet, and because of the very vivid facial expression. Jiang Yilei, was born in Shanghai on February 17, 1987. She is a mainland Chinese actress and short video creator.


In 2007, in charge of Shanghai TV sports channel “health fashion” column of the early editing and dubbing work. In 2009, starred in the drama “the only child – let you wayward.”. In 2015, we began to upload original short videos on the Internet. In 2016, Papi酱won a certain degree of attention on the Internet by virtue of the original video content released in the form of voice change; in the same year, it won the top ten video celebrities award of super red man festival microblog. In 2017, his first film, demon bell, was released. In 2018, he officially served as the chief content officer of Baidu app. In 2019, he participated in the recording of Tencent’s reality TV program “exciting offer” for legal career observation


On July 11, 2016, Papi Jiang had her first live broadcast, and many netizens took photos and made them into memes.After that, a lot of short videos posted by Papi Jiang hit the point of most of the audience, and there were many Papi Jiang’s emojis.


Papi Jiang
Papi Jiang Crying


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