Zero(0) yuan purchase 零元购


梗 is an act of robbery that occurs in foreign countries. It is called zero yuan purchase because it gets something without consumption.

Zero yuan purchase in the United States refers to the mass riots in the United States in 2020. Because protesters often smash stores, store goods are jokingly called “free goods”.

In 2020, mass riots occurred in western countries, European countries and other places led by the United States. The demonstrations gradually evolved from peaceful demonstrations at the beginning to violent incidents of beating, smashing, looting and burning.

“0 yuan purchase” means that the protesters took to the streets, smashed, robbed and burned the shops on the street, and the goods were looted. Therefore, it is jokingly called “0 yuan purchase”. This incident was also jokingly called “US $0 purchase” to satirize the improper management of trump and others.

The original meaning of “0 yuan purchase” refers to the promotional activities carried out by some businesses. Such as “0 yuan purchase”, you can get different types of mobile phones without spending a penny.



According to the global times on November 25, recently, the crime of beating, smashing and looting has become popular in the United States, and high-end stores in many cities have become the targets of criminals.

In a case on the evening of the 22nd, a robbery gang composed of 18 to 20 people smashed the anti-theft glass of Nordstrom high-end chain department store in Los Angeles and stole goods worth more than 5000 US dollars, causing a cumulative loss of 15000 US dollars. Afterwards, the police arrested three people and recovered some stolen goods. In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, Los Angeles police announced that they would launch night patrols in high-end goods from the 23rd.

The report described the criminal technique of “robbing and running” as a “flash mob”, and said that this case is only the tip of the iceberg of the recent wave of “smashing and robbing” crime in the United States. For example, on the evening of the 20th, the Nordstrom department store in San Francisco was robbed by gangs. After more than 80 robbers ransacked the store, they took 10 cars and left. Just the day before, a Louis Vuitton store in Union Square in San Francisco was also patronized, but before the six “Heroes” loaded the “booty” into the car, the police who heard the news arrested them all.

The biggest loss occurred in Chicago, where a Louis Vuitton store was robbed on November 1, and 13 masked gangsters took goods worth a total of $100000. This is the second time the store has encountered a similar incident in a month. In a case in October, the store was stolen $66000 worth of goods.

Analysts pointed out that with the arrival of shopping seasons such as “Black Friday” and Christmas, American retailers generally increased their inventories, which attracted the attention of criminal gangs. According to statistics, such organized robbery causes losses of up to $65 billion to American retailers every year.



The price of goods on a zero purchase website is 100 yuan. After you click to buy, you need to pay 100 yuan. This 100 yuan needs to be put on this website for a period of time. After a period of time, this 100 yuan will be returned to you.



梗 can refer to from Bilibili)

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