Zheng Shuang Weibo Scandal

Recent drama on Sina Weibo about Zheng Shuang news and dynamic is very much, about “the child is really play out, TMD, I’m tired,” the relevant content is also impressive, because itself is Revelations to voice, text display is a voice comments, but there are also many users don’t know, let’s see!


What the hell is that In a leaked recording of Zheng Shuang’ surrogacy abandonment,

Zheng Shuang, in order to get rid of his two unwanted surrogate children,

Swearing at a family meeting: “I can’t get rid of this baby. I’m fucking sick of it.”

And then, damn it, I was quoted everywhere.

“I’m f * * king bored,” a strong expression of irritability.

In a recording made by Zhang’s parents, which focused on whether Zheng Shuang’s surrogate child should be aborted, Mr. Zhang’s words were shocking.

Therefore, “F * * k, I’m so annoyed” became Zheng Shuang ‘most classic statement in the surrogacy event, which was used by netizens for various spoof and made various memes.

The above is the expansion of the information content related to this social event, which is about the entertainment of stars. The nature of this time is really very bad, which has aroused wide attention of netizens.


Spread & Refer to the examples:

At noon on January 18, Zheng Shuang’s ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng, who was rumored to be swindling, borrowing from usury, evading debts and absconding to the United States with money, sent a long article, which really aroused thousands of waves. The article mentioned that he was caring for and protecting two young innocent lives, and posted pictures of the two babies.

Photos from Zhang’s circle of friends have been released, proving that the two children are indeed Zhang Heng’s. Attached is the baby’s birth certificate, in the mother column, the name is Written Zheng Shuang.

Before everyone reflected, Zhang Heng provided Zheng Shuang’s parents for the two children to stay the recording!

In the recording, Cool dad: If we are separated, we can’t afford to keep anyone. Tell the hospital about it and give it up. Shuang Ma: Never see each other again. Forget it. What’s more unbelievable is that Zheng Shuang explosively said, “These two kids can’t be hit for seven months. I’m so bored.”

This is life, the key words come from the mouth of Deng Shuang, who has always flaunted herself as a simple and lovely “lovely girl”, without hesitation, just like the daily necessities, said it out of the mouth, making people shudder!

Hit shiver just slowly clear up a clue, in two people love honey meaning, meet to get married in the United States, gave birth to a pair of twins through surrogate. But had been madly in love period, two people had contradiction, broke up, hit lawsuit because of economic dispute again, two people are broken. But by then the baby had already been formed, and while surrogacy was legal in the United States, abortion was illegal, so Zheng’s parents suggested giving it up for adoption.

On January 19, Zheng Shuang responded to the surrogacy and abandonment issue on social media, saying, “This is a very sad and private matter for me. I didn’t want to talk about it in front of everyone, but it has been exposed step by step with ulterior motives. After thinking about it for a long time, I have to respond because I didn’t want to take up public resources. …”


         https://b23.tv/POBlsQ(Video from Bilibili)

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