Gazi Steals the Dog 嘎子偷狗事

English: Gazi Steals the Dog


Pinyin: Gǎzi tōu gǒu shì

Gazi stealing the dog comes from the set tidbits of Gazi Xie Mengwei’s new movie “Sniper Tough Guy.”


We can’t see the shape of a tough guy at all, it’s better to say that this section is more like Gazi entering the village, thinking of a Taijun, obviously the performance is very serious, but it has a meaning and obscene atmosphere, which makes people can’t help but laugh.

Netizens described it as stealing dogs in the village.



For the actor, his image is locked in a single role by the audience, it is difficult to jump out, it may not be a good thing, but Xie Mengwei does not seem to have this burden, whether it is himself, assistants or the audience, they like to call him Gazi Brother.

It can be seen that what Gazi wants to implement at present is a hard-core line that exudes a local atmosphere. Without our knowledge, over the years, he has participated in quite a few online movies that have been sealed in the list of film and television platforms.

According to Wikipedia, he launched the rap song “Brother Is Not a Girl Cannon” in 18 years, and the songs of the Tu Hi Shout Mai style made people feel energetic and sweat even in hot afternoons.

Gazi he has actually been grasping. When the anti-Japanese drama exploded, he acted, the “wolf warrior” type special forces became popular, he also acted, the star live broadcast with the goods on fire, he also went to “grasp”, met Uncle Pan, who was older than him, and completed a wave of interest exchange, which must be called “smart”.

Of course, netizens are not stupid, of course, will not appreciate, just want to see the fun, and urge him to hurry up on the fake wine link.

Recently, he released a tidbit video of his participation in the movie “Tough Guy Sniper” on Douyin, which lit a fire, and was remixed by many netizens.

The meaning here is probably that Gazi’s posture of holding a gun and stretching his neck is too thief-eyed.

Go to Douban to search for this “Tough Guy Sniper” movie, and find these:



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